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      odagu, situated in the western ghats, gives you an amazing view of coffee plantations and breathtaking views of mountains.  It is an oasis of peace, where you can easily connect with yourself. Tourism in the fields of trekking, wildlife adventure, archaeology, sports, rain, ecology, pilgrimage and many more, make Kodagu one of the most attractive places.  Take a glimpse of places of interest in Kodagu District:

Raja Seat

Located in the center of the capital city (Madikeri) is an old British grave yard converted into a beautiful garden overlooking the spectacular Western Ghats range.

Omkareshwara Temple

This temple is situated in Madikeri which dates back to 1820 built by the King Lingaraja II set amid a lake where colourful fish abound.

Madikeri Fort

This fort was built in early 19th century, which houses  a Ganesha temple, a museum and two stone elephants which stand as a touching tribute to the two beasts who faithfully served Kodagu's Veeraraja.  At present the fort building is converted into govt.offices.


On the outskirts of Madikeri, visitors can see the 'Gadduge' built in memory of erstwhile kings Doddaveeraraja, son Lingaraja and their guru Rudramani. 


(38kms from Madikeri)


River Cauvery  flows to emerge at the confluence of the Kannike and Sujyothi rivers at Bhagamandala which is called 'Triveni sangama'.  The pilgrims take a holy dip in this place.  Here you can visit the cluster of three temples  built in a Kerala style main temple being that of Bhagandeshwara.  Free lunch is served in the temple.

Nalknad Palace

(45kms from Madikeri)

Built in 1792 by Dodda Veerarajendra, it is a 2 storyed palace with magnificient paintings  and architecture which  speaks about the history  of Kodagu.

Irpu falls

(85kms from Madikeri)

A tourist hot spot with a wonderful water fall which can be seen up close by  visitors and which is surrounded by a thick jungle.  

Abbi Falls

(8kms from Madikeri)

An amazing water fall, from a height of 70 ft, which can be viewed from the hanging bridge built across the falls, is an unforgettable spectacle.


(25kms from Madikeri)

It's an island surrounded by The Cauvery river which is a beautiful  bamboo park where you can experience  boat rides, elephant rides, tree-top shelter, deer park, etc.

Honnamma Lake

(6 kms fromSomwarpet)

It is the biggest lake in Kodagu and has Basaweshwara temple on its bank.


(47kms from Madikeri)

The birth place of the mighty river Cauvery which is revered and worshipped by the people of Kodagu.  Every year, in the month of October, on the 17th, Godess Cauvery rises from the 'Kundike'. The day is celebrated as 'Tula Sankramana'.  Lakhs of people take a holy dip in the pond adjacent to the 'Kundike'.


(42kms from Madikeri)

11 acres of natural island can be enjoyed and indulged in at any time of the year.  A ride in a steamer or a boat will take you to the elephant camp where you can feed elephants!

Chelavara falls

(14kms from Virajpet)

Yet another one of the splendid and inspiring water falls of Kodagu.


(18kms from Madikeri)

One of the fabulous natural attractions with a view of stunning overlapping mountains, is the most appreciated mountain peak which is a realm of splendor and bliss.

Golden temple

(25kms from Madikeri)

Bylakuppe is known as 'Mini Tibet' since it is the  largest Tibetan refugee camp.  

Mallahalli Falls

(18kms from Somwarpet)

One of the breathtaking water falls which rumble and swirl tumultously down a rugged mountain valley.


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